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বাংলাদেশ সম্পর্কে

Bangladesh at a glance.

Official Name: The People’s Republic of country

State Religion: Islam however numerous main religions specifically Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity unit practiced in peace and harmony.

State Language: Bangla(বাংলা)

National Anthem: the primary 10 lines of “Amar Sonar Bangla”. written by author Rabindranath Tagore.

National Flag: Consists of a circle collared red throughout its space, resting on a inexperienced rectangular background. The length to breadth relation of the quadrangle is one0:6 and therefore the circle contains a radius of one fifth of the length.

National Emblem: The national flower “Shapla” (nymphea-nouchali) resting on water, having on either aspect associate ear of paddy and being head by 3 connected leaves of jute with a combine of stars on either aspect of the leaves.

Capital: capital of Bangla Desh

Nationality: Bangladeshi

Name of Currency: Bangladeshi unit of measurement (TK)


Notes: Bangladeshi unit of measurement 1000, 500, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 & 1

Coins: Bangladeshi unit (TAKA) 5, 2, one and Paisha(পয়সা) fifty, 25, 10, 5, 2 & 1

Geographical Location: Between 20°34′ and 26°38′ north latitude and between 88°01′ and 92°41′ east line.

Boundary: North: country (India)

West: country (India)

South: Bay of geographic area

East: country and Union of Union of Myanmar

Area: 56977 sq. miles or 147570 sq. km.

Territorial Water: two hundred (200) transport miles.

Source: mathematics Pocketbook of country – 2013

After the death of geographic area in 1947, geographical area (Bengal) was divided as a province of Asian nation with being renamed as Bangla Desh. capital of Bangla Desh was declared as its capital. Despite of adequate resources and demographic weight of country (East Pakistan), the whole Pakistan’s government and military was primarily dominated by the higher categories from the west.

The government of Muslim Republic of Asian nation, West Pakista, country, Asian nation— dominated primarily by the west — declared Urdu as a results of the alone official language of the whole Asian nation that triggered a huge desire among the parents of the east. On twenty one New vogue time period, 1952, Bengali students in country rose up for the tongue and protested against this call. As police open discharged to their possession, many students died for defensive their language. The approved  sacrifice of those martyrs is presently discovered not alone in country however place along everywhere the planet as International Mother Language Day.

Displeasure on the west among the problems with economic and cultural domination resulted into the emergence of Awami League as a results of the strongest political voice of country. In his historic speech before hundred thousands of individuals at the Suhrawardy Udyan on March seven, 1971, the president of Awami League and therefore the dada of the state Bangabandhu sheikh Mujibur Rahman, named as upon all the parents of country to launch a decisive struggle against the Pakistani occupation and take a complete preparation for the War of Liberation.

After lots political unrest and provincial discrimination, country Liberation War (Bengali: Muktijuddho) was commenced once Bangabandhu sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared Bangladesh’s independence just before obtaining inactive among the primary hours of twenty six March 1971 by Pakistani military. President Yahya Khan and his military officers launched terribly bloody activity named as Operation light-weight on the innocent civilians of country.

The exile government, fashioned by Awami League leaders, formally took oath at Meherpur, among the Kustia district of country, on seventeen New vogue time period 1971, with Tajuddin Ahmad as a results of the primary Prime Minister and Syed Nazrul Islam as a results of the Acting President.

A resistance force named as a result of the Mukti Bahini (Freedom Fighter) was fashioned from the country Forces (consisting of Bengali regular forces) in alliance with civilian fighters. semiconductor diode by General M. A. G. Osmani, the country Forces were organized into eleven sectors and, as a locality of Mukti Bahini, conducted a huge guerrilla war against the Muslim Republic of Asian nation Forces. throughout this war, the whole world witnessed the 1971 country shot to death, among that the country Army and its allied spiritual militias carried out a wide-scale elimination of Bengali civilians, intellectuals, youth, students, politicians, activists and non secular minorities.

Amidst the sacrifice of unnumbered Bangladeshi souls, Pakistani Army finally relinquished to the Bangladesh-India Allied Forces on sixteen Gregorian calendar month 1971. The 9 month long Bangladesh’s Liberation War was won on that day. And country, with numerous promise and hopes, starts its wonderful journey.

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